[IRCServices Coding] Some points for 5.1

Craig McLure Craig at frostycoolslug.com
Sat Jan 14 21:04:32 PST 2006

>> - I can understand your reasons for removing support for the channel
>> owner mode, but I think that there might be some controversy over this
>> one. Would it be possible for third party module coders to add support
>> for this mode? (For the record, the aforementioned module coder won't
>> be me; I don't know any C :P)
>      Yes, the necessary callbacks and exported functions are present (or
> should be, anyway, and I can fix things if not).

As a note, if this module is still required when 5.1 reaches beta, i'll
look into how easy it would be to add it in (Given the 5.0 module API, i
can't see it being too much of a problem :))

Craig McLure
InspIRCd Developer
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