[IRCServices] IRCservices not sending anything after tcp connection is set up

Pol Bettinger ircservices at arvoreen.net
Sat May 19 06:11:54 PDT 2007


I have now achieved that the services are running and working as they
should but only after i send the services the HUP Signal via kill. For
me it seems that the services don't flush their send buffer correctly.

I also tested 5.1-pre2 which show up exactly the same symptoms. Am I
doing something wrong or is there a real problem?

I also took from our old machine that is still in production the
binaries and tried them out. On the old machine they work as they should
on the newer (a lot) faster machine they show also up the exact same
problems (although I can't say for sure its the same reason as the libc
is a lot newer on the newly installed machine)


Pol Bettinger schrieb:
> Hello,
> I have got a problem with the linking of the services. (version 5.0.61
> on an amd64 also tried on a real ia32, OS: Debian GNU/Linux ;-) to be
> all correct)
> It shows up that the services connect (tcp) to unreal but the services
> are not sending anything out to the ircd although that they are claming
> to do so in the log (if run with -debug).
> After 30 seconds the ircd then closes the connection, and thats' it.
> For testing purpouse I have taken several traces, and also connected the
> services to a listener. There I found out that the services sends the
> link information and password when I kill the ircservices process.
> Any help would greatly be appreciated.
> Thanks!