[IRCServices] IRCservices not sending anything after tcp connection is set up

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sun Aug 5 19:53:17 PDT 2007

I've seen a couple of reports of behavior like this, but I still haven't
been able to reproduce it.  If anyone still has this problem, please provide:

- The version of Services you're using

- System information (CPU type, OS name and version); for Linux, be sure
  to include the exact kernel and glibc versions

- A debug log from Services, generated at debug level 3 (give the "-debug"
  option three times on the command line)

- A system call trace of both the Services and the ircd process (use
  strace on Linux: run "strace -ttT -f -o ircservices.strace ircservices"
  with appropriate command-line parameters for Services, and for the ircd
  process, run "strace -ttT -f -o ircd.strace -p <process-ID>", where
  <process-ID> is the numeric process ID of the ircd process)

(Note that the debug log and system call traces may include your server
password, so send them to me privately.)

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

>I have now achieved that the services are running and working as they
>should but only after i send the services the HUP Signal via kill. For
>me it seems that the services don't flush their send buffer correctly.
>I also tested 5.1-pre2 which show up exactly the same symptoms. Am I
>doing something wrong or is there a real problem?
>I also took from our old machine that is still in production the
>binaries and tried them out. On the old machine they work as they should
>on the newer (a lot) faster machine they show also up the exact same
>problems (although I can't say for sure its the same reason as the libc
>is a lot newer on the newly installed machine)
>Pol Bettinger schrieb:
>> Hello,
>> I have got a problem with the linking of the services. (version 5.0.61
>> on an amd64 also tried on a real ia32, OS: Debian GNU/Linux ;-) to be
>> all correct)
>> It shows up that the services connect (tcp) to unreal but the services
>> are not sending anything out to the ircd although that they are claming
>> to do so in the log (if run with -debug).
>> After 30 seconds the ircd then closes the connection, and thats' it.
>> For testing purpouse I have taken several traces, and also connected the
>> services to a listener. There I found out that the services sends the
>> link information and password when I kill the ircservices process.
>> Any help would greatly be appreciated.
>> Thanks!
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