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Andrew Church

About me

I am an experienced software developer, currently residing in Japan. Those interested may view my résumé (current as of 2019/6/9).

Software projects

Game software
I have worked on several ports of game software, including the iPad ports of the award-winning games Aquaria and FTL: Faster than Light. I have also developed a cross-platform toolkit, among other projects.
Gentoo Linux resources
Various resources and documents related to the Gentoo Linux operating system.
A recompiling translator for machine code (current version: 0.2, last updated 2019/10/10).
A robust and fast decoder library for Ogg Vorbis audio streams (current version: 1.16, released on 2023/7/14).
PlayStation 2 Linux files (Japanese only)
Various files useful for PS2 Linux development, including instructions on installing Linux alongside game data (English translation also provided) and a filesystem module for accessing the PS2's native filesystem format.
PSP game clock
A simple game clock for use in games like chess or Go to track each player's remaining time.
Services for IRC Networks
Services was one of my first major software development projects, developed and maintained over a period of 15 years. It was also one of the first open-source IRC service software packages, and it has spawned numerous derivatives adding different sets of features.
The Patch Pile
A list of patches to various programs that I've made or collected.
Other miscellaneous programs / library routines
  • bd-gen, a proof-of-concept program for authoring Blu-ray Disc or AVCHD file structures (last updated on 2010/3/23).
  • CPU test routines for verifying the behavior of CPUs or emulators.
  • libwebmdec, a decoder library for WebM audio/video streams (current version: 0.9, released on 2019/8/27).
  • loadtest, a simple program for load-testing an HTTP server.
  • mp3play, a simple command-line MP3 playback utility with support for looping predefined subranges of audio files at sample granularity (last update: 2023/5/7).
  • quickpng, a fast, memory-efficient library for generating uncompressed PNG images (current version: 1.3b, released on 2013/1/21).
  • seqtokbd, a simple program to translate MIDI key-on/key-off events to X11 keypresses.
  • tclock2, a simple transparent analog clock for Xwindows environments.
  • tinflate, a memory-efficient decompression library for the "deflate" (gzip) compression algorithm (current version: 1.7, released on 2017/6/4).
  • xscreenshot, a simple program to write a PPM screenshot of an X11 display (current version: 1.0, released on 2013/4/15).
  • XWaveN, a simple audio file editor (current version: 88, released on 2023/9/20; fixes crash when trying to open a nonexistent file).
  • (Old) The AMOS Intuition Extension, an Amiga programming language extension. Unmaintained since March 1996. Binary and source available.
  • (Old) Japanese character-code conversion routines in C for converting between JIS, EUC-JP, and Shift-JIS coding systems, including a printf() replacement. Unicode is not supported.
  • (Old) transcode, an open-source audio-video transcoding program for Unix-based systems to which I contributed a library of optimized assembly-language routines among other improvements. Source and Mercurial repository bundle available.
  • My computer problems notepad—not a program, but a list of problems I've run into over the years and the solutions or workarounds I found for them. Linked here in case anyone else might find the information useful.

Other things

Console RPG information
Many years ago, I created a set of Final Fantasy 1 maps as an aid in playing that game.
Dragonfire Internet Services: A Retrospective
A retrospective on Dragonfire Internet Services, the web service provider I ran as a university student from late 1995 through early 1999.
The Parable of the Toaster
A view on system design principles.
Photo album
Pictures from various trips I've taken. (Only Japanese captions at present.)
Things Seen in Japan
I recently came into possession of a copy of this illustrated depiction of life in Japan by English writer Clive Holland, published in 1907. As the book's copyright has expired, I have published it on the web (click the link above) for your reading pleasure. The descriptions and photographs make for a fascinating contrast with modern-day Japan.

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