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Game software projects

Porting projects

Aquaria for iPad and Android
Ports to the iPad and Android devices of the PC adventure game Aquaria. This work evolved from an unofficial port I made to the PSP (source repository and Linux build tool available); I also wrote a paper describing rendering optimization techniques developed for Aquaria and a column on some of the technical issues involved in porting Aquaria to the PSP.
FTL: Faster than Light for iPad
A port to the iPad of the PC space travel roguelike game FTL: Faster than Light.
Prison Architect for iPad
A port to the iPad of the PC prison simulator game Prison Architect.

Other work

SIL: System Interface Library for games
A library designed to ease development of cross-platform game software by providing a platform-independent interface to system-level operations. Used in the tablet ports of Aquaria and FTL, as well as recent updates to the PC version of FTL.
Tetrinet for Linux
A text-based version of a multiplayer Tetris game for Windows. I subsequently passed maintenance of the program on to Petr Baudis (see Petr's Tetrinet page).

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