[IRCServices Coding] ircservices 5.0.6 ImmediatelySendSline refinement for Unreal

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Thu Jan 23 14:39:47 PST 2003

>5.0.6's inclusion of GZLINE management is really funky.  As you know, in the
>case of Unreal, ImmediatelySendSline is a must.  However, it follows the same
>behaviour as GLINEs.  That being, if ircds and ircservices are restarted,
>ircservices does not implicitly re-add any GZLINEs upon starting.  This is
>fine for GLINEs, but will not work correctly for GZLINEs on Unreal.
>Would it be possible to change the behaviour of ImmediatelySendSline for
>Unreal so that it checks and re-adds any GZLINEs that are not present when it
>ircservices starts?

     It was supposed to work this way already, but my logic was messed up.
Fixed, thanks for the report.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org