[IRCServices Coding] MySQL

Robert Day zarin at VPShellZ.net
Wed Jun 11 13:23:40 PDT 2003

I assume MySQL support will be built as a module, same as most
everything else yes?
I am not much of a Programmer, but I want to lend a hand if I can to
this...   It would be nice to finally get a Database backed services
going that would be easier to port and migrate....
I can also see the potential for a services backup server if this is
done right....   Example:

Services-Master connects to hub.us.yournetwork.net
Services-Slave connects to hub.uk.yournetwork.net

If the hubs split, or if services-master dies for some reason, given X
amount of time, services-slave would come online and, using the MySQL
Replicated database, maintain channel and user control.   Once
services-master returned, or the split was fixed, services-slave would
send updated information to services-master, and stop running services,
allowing the master to regain control...

I know this is not a very in-demand feature, but it should be easy to
add that as a module later on after the database backend is done...  and
I would like to be able to code some web based apps that can read and
write the MySQL database...   allow users to query the database for
unused names from the network home page, find unused channel names, make
changes to the services from a browser instead of the irc interface.. 
(adding AOPs and VOPs for example, changing channel descriptions, or
just browsing the channel database in a confortable web interface...

So, where does the MySql support stand, or is there anything at all yet?

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