[IRCServices Coding] UnrealIRCd - PREFIX_AQ

Andrew Church achurch at achurch.org
Sat Dec 13 02:34:46 PST 2003

>As, some of you, might know, UnrealIRCd has a new option for PREFIX_AQ,
>which gives all Protected users and Channel owners new prefixes. You also
>don't require +o if you have +a/q to perform Channel operations like Kicking
>I was wondering, how does IRCServices cope with these new prefixes? Is there
>something I drastically need change in the protocol setup.

     I don't know how these prefixes are implemented; assuming they use
ordinary nickname change commands, Services will recognize them, but users
will need to link the prefixed nicknames to their regular nicknames or they
will lose privileges on the channel (which could potentially result in mode
change loops).  I have no plans to add specific support for such prefixes.

>Also, does
>IRCServices still set +ao when a user's got AUTOPROTECT and also +qo when a
>user is the OWNER. Since this is no longer needed in Unreal with the
>PREFIX_AQ enabled, is there a way to stop IRCServices from setting both o
>and q/a when a user has sufficient access.

     No, there isn't.

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org