[IRCServices Coding] UnrealIRCd - PREFIX_AQ

FreakyComputer freakycomputer at global.co.za
Sat Dec 13 07:38:24 PST 2003

Actually, all it is, is that people with chumode +a and +q just get a symbol
in front of their nicks in the channel, ~ to owners and & protected users
(just like @ is to ops and % is to halfops). The thing about only receiving
the +q/a without the +o isn't a major thing, and there was just little
changes made to the unreal protocol (new_chanusermodes) to accomodate the
change of prefixes/symbol. But there is another thing I found. There isn't a
way for the founder/owner to set him/herself -q in the channel. We have
tried several things, such as with and without the new prefixes, with or
without identifying, everything. I would think the services would set -q
when the user issues a DEPROTECT command, but the services just say that the
user is already not a protected user, so if there can be a fix to that
command, or perhaps a new command: FOUNDER, DEFOUNDER, it might make it
easier for channels where some rule of "deopping yourself while offduty"

Thanks for the prompt replies thusfar :D

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> >As, some of you, might know, UnrealIRCd has a new option for PREFIX_AQ,
> >which gives all Protected users and Channel owners new prefixes. You also
> >don't require +o if you have +a/q to perform Channel operations like
> >etc.
> >
> >I was wondering, how does IRCServices cope with these new prefixes? Is
> >something I drastically need change in the protocol setup.
>      I don't know how these prefixes are implemented; assuming they use
> ordinary nickname change commands, Services will recognize them, but users
> will need to link the prefixed nicknames to their regular nicknames or
> will lose privileges on the channel (which could potentially result in
> change loops).  I have no plans to add specific support for such prefixes.
> >Also, does
> >IRCServices still set +ao when a user's got AUTOPROTECT and also +qo when
> >user is the OWNER. Since this is no longer needed in Unreal with the
> >PREFIX_AQ enabled, is there a way to stop IRCServices from setting both o
> >and q/a when a user has sufficient access.
>      No, there isn't.
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